Hybrid sacks

HYBRIS, Gascogne Sacs’ range of paper and plastic hybrid sacks

Hybris Range

A duo of contrasting materials with the advantages of both: glossy, appealing colours, showcasing and protection of printed designs, rigid
Technical advantages: compatible with existing bagging systems, improved conservation duration
Adaptable to all market needs

The best of Paper Plastic


Hybris, sac hybride de Gascogne Sacs, le meilleur du papier & du plastique
  • A plastic finish with high print quality

    The outer plastic film accentuates visuals with a glossy, satin or matt finish.

    The film-on-paper laminating technique optimises flexographic printing: excellent definition and strong colours, for blocks of colour as well as shading and contrasts.

  • Maintains its shape

    The paper content in the Hybris sack ensures that the bag won’t warp or stretch even when filled.


Sac Hybris, Sécurité du sac : protection de l'image, résistance du sac, conservation du produit
  • Image protection

    The visuals are completely protected against rubbing, rain, etc.

  • Sack resistance

    The combination of paper and plastic increases sack solidity.

  • Product conservation

    Depending on the needs and type of bagged product, the Hybris range is available in different compositions with a wide array of barrier solutions.


Gascogne Sacs, des produits innovants
  • Bagging machine compatibility

    The Hybris sack requires no new investments: it is perfectly compatible with all existing paper sack bagging machine installations.

  • A large range of Hybrissacks

    The Hybris sack range is available in pinch bottom & SOS options (See our paper sack range)


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